Life in the Time of Corona #4

March 27, 1:17 pm: Day 18, sitting on the side deck basking in a sunny, breezy, 62 degree day. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Medical family: First of all, hats off to the real heroes of the day, our medical family members and friends. They are putting their very lives at risk, under the most dire of circumstances, without the equipment they so desperately need. We have a daughter, sister-in-law, two nieces, many friends and my daughters mother-in-law who are nurses. Our friend, David and his son, Jeremy, are doctors and Jeremy works in the ER at New York Presbyterian, where just a couple of days ago they ran out of Covid tests. Thank you to all of you for your amazing sacrifice.

Virtual Olympics Medal Count: Okay, most of you will wonder how completely f###ed up I am for this, but I can’t help where my dark little mind takes me. So… with the Olympics (and every other sporting event) cancelled and the numbers of sick and dying changing daily, I couldn’t help but notice the similarity between the dreadful list below and the typical medal count at a summer Olympics. China starts out with an early lead because they have those weird events at the beginning of the games (especially the gymnastic things where they bring out these tiny people who have probably been sequestered in cages while their families have been shipped off to the interior provinces). The Europeans begin to rack up some medals as well, (skeet shooting and weight lifting) but as we get to the swimming and track events, the USA begins to lap the field. And the Russians are disqualified because they’re all doping. Okay, you can unfriend me now.

Pet Trauma: Bridget has been FaceTiming regularly, which is a good thing (most of the time). Yesterday her FaceTime opens with her yelling at Sadie, who, being cooped up and hungry, began to eat the couch. At least she’s keeping up with her fiber requirements.

Timely Mailing: Yesterday we received Orange Baby’s, “15 Days to Slow the Spread.” A few thoughts: a) there was no mention of margarine, mayonnaise or any other common spread, b) it took 10 days to get to my house (not the first time OB and his cadre have been a little late), and, c) it appears that 15 days should just about do it (e.g. get us through the worst and get this Dow back where it needs to be if OB wants another shot at wrecking it all).

Fake News: In an effort for complete candor and because I’m a little bored, I will admit to being part of the “fake news” conspiracy. Yesterday I quoted OB as saying, “No, none at all,” when asked about taking responsibility for something or other. Upon further investigation the quote was actually, “No I don’t take responsibility at all.” If I was a reporter, I would clearly be a “terrible” one (although the actual quote is even worse, but, hey…).

Lastly (no really, this is lastly): I’ve been listening to “FLEETWOOD MAC: Before the Beginning 1968-1970” the last few days. If you love blues and great guitar playing, give it a shot. Peter Greene is amazing. And no, Stevie Nicks is not on the record (I don’t even know if she was born then). You can get it for free on Apple Music.

One thought on “Life in the Time of Corona #4

  1. Beautiful shout out to our beloved nurses and doctors.

    Very very funny: “…getting her fiber requirement” and “…margarine, mayonnaise” 🤣🤣😂😂


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