Life in the Time of Corona #5

April 3, 2020: Day 25 of isolation. Rainy, gloomy, stormy on the Cape. Like waiting for some kind of end to come…

Oh, the Reality: Yesterday I suggested to Barb that maybe we could take a day trip to Costco and pick up some needed supplies (primarily liquor, wine and beer, of course) after her Zoom workout with Louise. Then we both had the same thought at the same time. Is it safe? And we decided, no, it isn’t safe. Now that may be a simple thought, an irrational thought, an obvious thought. But it was , at that moment, a very sobering, humbling realization: with Barb’s very compromised immune system, it would be dangerous. Holy shit, we’re really stuck here!!! Can we see the kids? Well, how do you know they don’t have it? People can be symptom free for days but still have it. Can we afford to miss wiping down every surface after they leave? There are stories of people who went to the store, using gloves and a mask, and still got it. Did the mailman (woman, actually) touch the mail without gloves? Does she have it? So I use wipes on all the mail. The realization has settled in. This is f#@*ing real!!!

Zoom Zoom: To paraphrase Orange Baby, nobody knew there was such a thing as Zoom. Now it’s a daily occurrence. Virtual cocktails with Bill, Carla, and Bob in Providence, Duxbury and Onset? Check. Barb working out with Louise? Check. Interview with a guy writing a play about Metastatic breast cancer? Check. Jesus, even my lovey, technically challenged sister in law, Marietta, was Zooming with my sister Cathy yesterday. Maybe the world is coming to an end.

We’re All On Board: Yesterday (Barb’s idea) I set up a group text with all the Bigelow family (and Capogna’s and Fyvie’s). No sooner had I sent it out then Gina memes a Bloody Mary with pizza, bacon, French fries and who knows what else. Marietta says she’s Zooming with Cathy, and early birthday wishes are sent to Kyle. I guess they liked it. Unfortunately I didn’t have the phone numbers for Nick, Boo or Ross, so I had to add them in. Couldn’t do it so had to start all over. And now I find out that all the texts are flooding Nick’s email. Great tech requires a great tech mind. I failed.

Orange Baby-ocalypse: So… we go from it all going away soon, to got it completely in control, to maybe we can all kiss the priest on Easter, to a My Pillow info-mercial, to somber OB warning of possibly-2-million-dead-but-if-I-keep-it-at-200,000-you’re-gonna-love-me in the span of just a couple of weeks. When I posted my last blog we just passed China. We’re at a quarter million today. A Saturn rocket doesn’t have as steep a climb. Hey, OB, keep up the good work!!!

Another kind of Zoom Zoom

On the Other Hand: Have you seen Andrew Cuomo’s press conferences? Smart, honest, respectful, informative. Today he takes a last question from a French reporter, has a little fun give-and-take with him, then is asked what his father taught him that helped prepare him for this moment. He thinks for a bit then begins talking about how his dad taught him (paraphrasing here) that love should be the guiding principle. Imagine that! Love!


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