About S-TM

Semi-Thoughtful Musings is my first solo attempt at blogging (I’ve had guest appearances as Blanket in my wife Barb’s wonderful Word Press blog, The Cancer Chronicles). As a semi-retired human resources professional, dad, husband, former mental health worker, ski-bum, amateur photographer, advertising lackey, and USC film school graduate, I’ve had lots of time to perfect the fine art of pointless musing.

As a former Midwesterner from Michigan, I grew up in an Episcopalian, Republican household (one of my dad’s best friends was President Gerald Ford’s youngest brother). I, however, campaigned for Representative Ford’s Democratic challenger in 1970 and became a Unitarian when Barb and I decided our two girls needed some religious roots to help them in their paths to adulthood (although my friend Steven would counter that expecting religious guidance from a “fake” church that doesn’t have its own religious structure is somewhat pointless). What relevance does that have? None, I would assume, other than to point out that things don’t always go where you expect them to go.

With this blog, I intend to do exactly what most bloggers intend to do: Write shit down for my own benefit and wonder if anyone else will even bother to read it. If you gotten this far, then you’re probably just a close friend already regretting that I suggested this site to you.

Oh well.