Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers came out today,

Called out again to come out and play.

They danced a few jigs, and said a few lines,

Then went back inside to wait for next time.

Bullets and Bodies collided today,

Same as before, day after day.

Scattered the blood and mussed up the hairs,

So everyone called out for more Thoughts and Prayers.

Thoughts and Prayers were summoned once more,

Pulled from their slumber to come do their chores.

Some jigs were danced, and some sad lines were said,

As if it might make up for all who were dead.

Bullets and Bodies collided again,

Rat-a-tat-tat, eight, nine and ten.

Brains covered walls and guts covered stairs,

And great politicians want more Thoughts and Prayers.

Thoughts and Prayers were told to get up,

“Get up and comfort them, just like a pup.

Dance your jig-jiggles and say your sad lines,

And we’ll all pretend there won’t be a next time.”

Bullets and Bodies collide the next day,

Zinging and zapping in bullet-y spray.

Torsos were torn apart, layer by layer,

Then came that plea again: “More Thoughts and Prayers.”

Thoughts and Prayers were called out today,

But neither one wanted to come out and play.

“Let’s not be foolish, let’s not pretend.

Does bringing us out ever bring out an end?”

So Thoughts and Prayers just stayed home today,

Neither one answered, they just stayed away.

Their dance jigs unjiggled, their sad lines unsaid,

Did not seem to matter to those who were dead.

But Bullets and Bodies still would collide,

Still would collide into Bodies that died.

But nobody bothered for more Thoughts and Prayers,

‘Cause everyone knew they were no longer there.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts and Prayers

  1. Hi TIm, Your reflection on the deaths that take place is heart felt and spot on. Sadly I was hoping for a solution at the end. And it comes back to myself. I need to find a place to support and help. Thank you for the reminder. May I share it in a church service? cheryl brigante

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