Lyndsey’s Lost Spine

Lyndsay’s lost spine could remember a time

when he proved to his master his mettle.

But when he got lost (or was he just tossed?)

he assumed his sad master had settled.

Settled for what, thought the spine, who was cut

off from everything he could remember?

Settled for nuts who had lost all their guts                                                              

laying prone to a puffed-up pretender.

Those nuts were so smart (they thought that from the start):

That their brains were the biggest and best.

But brains get lost too, when the prevalent view  

is to purge those who can’t pass the test.

Spines, brains and guts were wondering what

it would take to make their masters whole.

But none can be done when the masters all shun

and abandon what’s left of their soul.

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