Orange Baby Poops

Orange Baby sits in his house with a smile,

Having just jettisoned poop at a rival.

Foxy friends fashioning fictional truth?

Orange Baby’s passionate purpose to poop!

Pooping in orange, like his hair or his face.

Pooping in red, like his redolent rage.

Pooping all morning and pooping all night.

Pooping at sounds of the simplest slights.

Orange Baby poops at unfav’rable news.

Orange Baby poops at some little girls’ views.

Orange baby’s poops come out little and small,

Just like his hands or his brains or his balls.

All of his poop-loving patrons are sure

Orange Baby’s poops are the purest of pure.

Everyone else knows what’s certainly true:

None of his pooping is more than just poop!

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