Life in the Time of Corona #11

April 13, 2020, Day 35 hiding under a slimy rock while storms rage outside our Onset windows.

Feathers: I’ve spent much of today in our third floor “Sunset Room” (without a single trace of sun) reading, and watching Andrea Bocelli on YouTube singing beautiful religious songs that I assume have something to do with Easter (are these Easter Carols?). Man can sing!!! (thanks to Steve Mossholder for the tip). While it is quite nice and comfortable up there, I found myself absent-mindedly picking at two of the pillows on the futon couch. Next thing I know, there are a ton of feathers all over the couch and floor. These two rather expensive pillows, from the store Bridget used to manage, are shedding enough feathers to make a whole new duck (where’s that guy from My Pillow?)! Pretty soon we’re going to have an entire flock. Now I’m obsessed. As soon as I pull one out, another is waving it’s prickly stem, yearning to be free. Make it stop!

Hey, Daffy, are these yours?

Where the Crawdads Sing: So what have I been reading up there? Where the Crawdads Sing, by Delia Owens. Oh my god, what a wonderful book. What a fascinating character. What breathtaking description of the marshes of North Carolina. I want to join (or start) a book club just so I can talk about it with somebody.

Is There a Draft in Here?: So, it appears that the NFL will be holding it’s annual draft from… home. Or more correctly, homes. Patriot VooDoo Doll and league commissioner Roger Goodell, will be at his home, as will all the top selected draftees. I assume the team coaches, et al, will still be hunkered down in their pine paneled basements calling in their choices. And ESPN will be televising the whole thing. It was always iffy watching the whole Green Room scene during normal drafts. But what happens now? When they call your name, do you jump up from your living room couch, strut off to the kitchen and shake the hand (no, no, bump the elbow) of your uncle pretending to be Roger? And, with the exception of the first couple picks, nobody knows what team they’ll end up on – do they have to buy all 32 team caps to plop on their heads when they’re drafted? And who pays for that? Plus, as we have learned from all the TV talking heads, it’s highly doubtful anyone will have the makeup and hair professionals needed to make them look half-way decent. If it’s as bad as Saturday Night Live From Home, it’s gonna be a long three days (yep, three whole, long, excruciating days). But hey, what else do we have to do?

Which way did he go…

Open Up, I Say: So, Orange Baby wants nothing to do with taking responsibility for leading the charge against the COVID-thingy. It’s the Governor’s job (and what a s@#&ty job they’ve done of it, to boot). But, when it comes to opening the states again, well, by golly, that’s the President’s decision (as he stated today in one of his minute-ly tweets). Besides the fact the Governors were the ones who had to make things stop in the first place, how the heck does OB think he’s going to get people to comply with a presidential edict to open the states back up? I mean, how do you even make that happen? More specifically, how do you make people stop being careful, cautious and socially distant before they feel it’s okay? Is he going to send the army into people’s apartments and toss them into the street, yelling, “shop, damn you!” Maybe he can redeploy ICE to do it – just tell them we’re all Mexicans, and they’ll get us in the streets in a heartbeat. Why does he even need to say this stupid s@#&? Would it be because, a) he’ll get the credit if it goes well, b) he’ll get the credit if it goes well, c) he’ll get the credit if it goes well, or, d) he’ll blame someone else if it doesn’t.

Shout Out: To my good friend, Dr. David Mudd. While we are all going through this horrendous pandemic, Dr. Mudd has decided that his services will be best utilized by working in the ER at Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton. While I suppose I could be upset (because, after all, he is my doctor), it is a typically selfless act on the part of someone who has performed many such selfless acts (like spending weeks helping Haitians and raising money after the earthquake). He knows it is a dangerous thing to do, but like so many really great people, he runs towards danger, not away when there is a crisis. Stay safe my friend.

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