Life in the Time of Corona #13

April 19, 2020, Day 41 lost on this island, at least six feet away from Gilligan (but trying to inch closer to Maryann).

Fear Wins Out: So, creating a nightmare scenario (which really is my worst fear) gets a lot of views, likes (❤️,😔) and comments. Most traffic I’ve ever had on this blog. Are people trying to tell me something? Killing Barb sells? Hmmm…. Regardless, I appreciate the kindness that post received.

Zoom Zoom Rules: Now that we have gotten quite used to conducting Zoom cocktails, meetings and spontaneous drop-ins, Barb has informed me that there are certain rules I must adhere to. Such as not interrupting, not yelling, not talking over others. Which I followed for the first two 40 minute sessions last night with the Marcus, Starr, Beals mashup. Until it dawned on me that the rules were clearly designed for me only. Every one else was jumping all over each other (which, by the way, is how it used to be). Hey, it’s hard enough following these stupid Corona restrictions, but I draw the line at Zoom-locking.

Stop the Madness

Flying Boats: Speaking of Zoom Zoom, I was in a Zoom meeting with the Onset Bay Association a few days ago (where we had to make the difficult but obvious decision to cancel the 4th of July fireworks). It was a very stormy and windy day and I was Zooming from the sunset room when something caught my eye. Not on the Zoom screen. Outside. A boat on one of the racks in the marina was moving. Just a little to start. Then the wind caught up under the plastic wrapping, turned the boat counter clockwise, then flipped it like a coin, off the rack onto another boat below. Huge bang. Just like that. I’m mesmerized, my mouth hanging open. Holy crap, the world really is coming to an end!

And, we’re off!

WWE, Political Version: I honestly don’t quite know where to begin with this section. My unyielding admiration for Orange Baby is well known (???), but what to make of this week’s iteration? Claim absolute authority? Check. Change his mind 30 seconds later? Check. Create weird Reopening America scrum, er, advisory group, with WWE commissioner Vince McMahon (apparently an essential service in Florida!) and every Republican senator except Mitt? Check. Establish guidelines for reopening? Check. Foment protests against Democratic (but not Republican) governors for following those guidelines? Check. Refuse to let the federal government take the lead on testing? Check. Name calling, Blaming, Seeking pity? Check, check and check.

Take that America!

While I suppose that a case can be made in support of just about anything OB does, I just can’t figure out how he can get way with the fact that just six weeks after he told us to be calm, that it will all go away, we have three times more cases (verified) than any other country (755,000 as of this writing) and have actually dropped to 42nd in world-wide testing per capita (which is down from 39th place noted in my April 6 blog). If the facts weren’t so f-ing obvious, it would be, well, um, obvious what a complete failure he has been. Now, my friend Brian will say that dwelling on the past doesn’t help (which I will grudgingly acknowledge). Okay, fine, then do something now! Please! I’m begging here….

Shout Out: Having worked almost my entire adult life in hospitals, this goes out to all my former colleagues who continue doing all the hard work necessary to keep us alive. You people are simply amazing. Where would we be without all of you? Stay safe.

One thought on “Life in the Time of Corona #13

  1. Well depending on what version of Zoom I got last night, it mIGHT have a feature that allows the moderato to mute others on the call. It is good to get rid of background noise but also to stop people from talking over each other. The good conference call services let people hear over each other. Zoom takes us back to if one is speaking, the others can’t.
    i set it up with an old email so I’m not doing so well up to this point. And the WWF is the only true sport so of course it is essential. Where is Bruno Sammartino. Keep slugging Tim.


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